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Partial list of participants

Frederick Asher is a distinguished historian of Indian art and is President of the American Institute of Indian Studies.

Douglas Brooks is a noted Indologist and a leading scholar of Tantra.

Dipesh Chakrabarty is a distinguished historian and is widely known as a postcolonial theorist and as a member of the Subaltern Studies Collective.

Partha Chatterjee is a political theorist with a worldwide reputation as a leader in the Subaltern Studies Collective and for his works on nationalism.

Rahul Peter Das is an Indologist who works on Ayurveda among other things.

Veena Das is a distinguished sociologist and social theorist.

Robert Goldman is a distinguished Sanskritist and is well known for his works on the Ramayana and the Indian epic traditions throughout the world.

Tapati Guhathakurta is a historian of art and has recently made distinguished contributions to art and nationalism.

Michael Meister is a historian of South Asian temple architecture and is noted for his major contributions to South Asian art history.

Barbara Metcalf is a distinguished historian of Islam in South Asia and is a recent President of the Association of Asian Studies.

John Simpson, Executive Vice Chancellor at UCSC, is a distinguished neuropsychologist.

Kapila Vatsyayan, Academic Director of the Indira Gandhi National Centre of the Arts in New Delhi, is recognized worldwide as a great authority on the arts of India.

Joanna Williams is a foremost historian of Indian art.

Sandip Ray, son of the late Satyajit Ray, is one of India's most respected filmmakers in his generation.

Purnima Chaudhuri is a noted exponent of Thumri and Dadra of the Purvi Ang School of Banaras. She is a follower of Siddheswari Devi.

Pandit Mukesh Desai is a follower of Pandit Jasraj and a distinguished Khayal artist.

Kalpana Bardhan writes/translates works on the poor and on women. She is also a well-known photographer.

Zarina Hashmi is a well-known artist and teacher. Her work has recently been showcased in Delhi, London, New York, and Berkeley. She lives in New York.

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