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March 29, 1999

United Way campaign sets record at UCSC

Two departments lauded for 100 percent participation

United Way of Santa Cruz County presented UCSC with its Gold Award at a campaign victory celebration earlier this month at the Santa Cruz Fairgrounds. This is one of the highest honors accorded to any business or organization contributing to the annual fund-raising campaign.

Two departments earned the distinction of 100 percent participation: the Financial Information System department and Faculty/Staff Housing. Pictured (l-r, top row) are: Beverly Jaeger, Monique Leduc, and Geri Wolff; (l-r, bottom row) Jim Ryan, Christi Bengard, and John Wargin. Not pictured: Karsen Jones, Lanett Beard, and Elise Levinson. (more photos)

The 1998 United Way campaign was the campus's most successful ever, raising more than $80,000 for charitable organizations in Santa Cruz County, a 10 percent increase over last year's donations, said campaign coordinator Gesna Clarke of Housing, Dining, and Child Care Services.

Chancellor Greenwood, a member of the United Way Board of Directors, notes, "This year's tremendously successful campaign underscores the generosity and community spirit of UCSC's faculty and staff. I am very proud of the work of the committee--and I am delighted that UCSC has received such a high honor among the many other community organizations that contributed to the campaign."

Hundreds of individuals across the campus made donations, but a few areas were singled out for special praise. Two departments earned the distinction of 100 percent participation: the Financial Information System department in Business and Administrative Services (BAS) and Faculty/Staff Housing, a unit of the Student Affairs Division.

Student Affairs also received recognition as the campus division with the highest rate of giving, the largest increase in giving over last year's campaign, and the largest number of new donors, Clarke said.

Geri Wolff of Faculty/Staff Housing said her office was surprised to receive recognition for their donations.

"We hadn't really talked about it beforehand," said Wolff. "I have always given--for years--and I just continued. I feel like it's a good way to give. The money goes to a lot of different organizations, and I feel like I want to support that."

United Way selected 35 different organizations, ranging from the Red Cross to the YWCA, to receive contributions this year. Those selected provide programs for the elderly, the homeless, children at risk, the disabled, and families in crisis. All contributions remain in the local community.

Volunteers for United Way carefully evaluate charitable organizations to ensure that only the most effective, well-managed programs are selected for support.

Organizing for next year's campaign will begin soon. For more information or to get involved, go to the campus United Way Web site or send e-mail to the committee at ucsc-uway@cats.ucsc.edu

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