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March 8, 1999

Making the News

In an op-ed published in the Los Angeles Times, Susanne Jonas of Latin American and Latino studies called on President Clinton to apologize for the U.S. role in Guatemala's civil war.

It's not every day that the Wall Street Journal reviews west coast theater, much less UCSC theater. But the reporter who wrote the story was drawn in by the play's enduring themes of love, immortality, and . . . computers. The play, On the Other Side of the World, was written by local artist Erik Fogelberg and theater arts graduate student Sol Crawford, who also directed. The play is based on the Greek myth of Orpheus who was represented in this version by a man of mythological proportions himself, Bill Gates. Playing opposite him as the love of his life (and death) was the revolutionary new computer, Eurydice 2000.

Anita Diaz of Student Health Services was interviewed by Romney Dunbar of KION-TV for a story about body image and eating disorders.

A talk sponsored by the Women's Center about sex trafficking of young girls attracted the attention of KCBS Radio and Metro Santa Cruz.

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