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February 15, 1999

A Night To Remember

The unwelcome news of Gurden Mooser's death brings to mind an event from early years at UCSC.

I joined the UCSC faculty in 1966, at the beginning of the campus' second year of teaching, and during my first year served as Dean of Natural Science on an acting basis. As such, I was a member of the Chancellor's Administrative Advisory Council, which comprised college provosts, deans, and leading members of the Chancellor's staff, about ten altogether. It met every two weeks or so to discuss matters of campus-wide significance.

Chancellor McHenry announced at a meeting of the Council in the winter quarter his plan for A Night To Remember. During the spring break, when dorm students were away, all members of the Council were to sleep a selected night in student dormitories. The purpose was to learn from use about any problems--of plumbing, electric service, heating, ventillation, or whatever--that might exist. Gurden and I were assigned to share a double room in a women's dorm at Cowell College.

My recollection is that everything was fine, with one curious exception.
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My pass key to Natural Sciences I (now named Thimann Laboratories) opened every locked door in that women's dormitory! The following morning, after breakfast, members of the Council met to report any problems they had discovered. I reported that finding, and presume that the problem no longer exists.

Joseph F. Bunnett
Professor of Chemistry Emeritus

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