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February 15, 1999

Affirmative action forum scheduled for Friday, February 19

A broad coalition of campus organizations is sponsoring a forum on affirmative action on Friday, February 19, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. in the Stevenson Dining Hall.

The goal of the event is to educate students, faculty, and staff about the historical background and issues surrounding affirmative action and to help organize a campaign for affirmative action in California, according to Judy Yung, associate professor of American studies and chair of the Academic Senate Committee on Affirmative Action, which is organizing the forum.

The program will be as follows:

For more information on the forum, call Yung at (831) 459-4725 or send her e-mail at yung@cats.ucsc.edu.

If you would like to attend the forum and require special accommodations, call the Educational Opportunity Programs Office at 459-2296.

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