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January 25, 1999

Making the News

Psychology's Anthony Pratkanis has been interviewed for stories about some wacky trends in the past, but this one set a new standard: The Orange County Register called him for comment on a new service available in Los Angeles to people who want to receive a page when a high-speed car chase is being broadcast live on television. PursuitWatch Network feeds on the public's desire for "live" action, said Pratkanis, linking this latest manifestation to the "media circus" environment that has surrounded coverage of events like the O.J. Simpson trial and the Clinton impeachment hearings. . . . On a more mundane note, Pratkanis also spoke with Metro in San Jose about the disappointing sales of the children's toy "My Twin Doll."

Los Angeles Times reporter Martha Groves cited work by psychologist Faye Crosby in an article Groves wrote about why working mothers provide important role models for their children.

Barbara Rogoff authored an op-ed piece in defense of narrative evaluations for the Santa Cruz County Sentinel. Rogoff described the ways in which she believes the evaluation system has helped her improve her teaching. . . . In a clever spoof of Ann Landers that appeared on the same page, politics prof Ronnie Lipschutz wrote a column about international relations. UCSC students are also penning words in the news. Sophomore Geoff Thomas wrote an op-ed for the San Francisco Chronicle about China's willingness to begin discussions with the Dalai Lama. And the San Francisco Examiner published a first-person account by UCSC sophomore Meghan Beitiks of her experiences studying in Moscow.

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