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January 11, 1999

Making the News

Ronnie Lipschutz of politics stepped up to the microphone, and the camera, to comment for KSBW-TV on the timing of the air strikes against Iraq and the then-pending impeachment hearings in the House of Representatives. . . . Wendy Mink was also keeping tabs on the developments, writing an op-ed in favor of impeachment that appeared on the San Jose Mercury News Web site, Mercury Center.

An article in the San Francisco Examiner about the many strange moons of Jupiter featured the work of Gary Glatzmaier, professor of earth sciences, who has described the weirdly shaped magnetic field of the moon "Io."

Psychology's Craig Haney was interviewed by the San Francisco Chronicle for a story about conditions in Colorado's "supermax" prison, where the nation's "worst of the worst" prisoners are held.

Five graduate students in environmental studies penned an opinion piece that appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle, berating the Clinton administration for its undermining of the Endangered Species Act. Lead author Melanie Bojanowski was joined by Angie Shelton, Chris Wilcox, Jonathan Scheuer, and Kim Heinemeyer.

Ontario's Inland Valley Daily Bulletin did a lengthy story recently about the changes occurring in that city as the Latino population grows. Among its sources was Manuel Pastor of Latin American and Latino studies, who noted that city leaders can either recognize the transformation or resist change and force "a conflict of leadership."

UCSC's involvement in a research consortium funded by the semiconductor industry and the federal government to develop the next generation of computer chip technology was covered in articles in the San Jose Mercury News, the Los Angeles Times, and the Hayward Review.

Librarian Alan Ritch and several others (including the venerable Tap-it Brothers, Click and Clack) received thanks in the Christmas day column of San Francisco Chronicle columnist Jon Carroll for the help they gave him in putting together his diabolically difficult annual Christmas Quiz. In Ritch's case, he provided Carroll with information he devised originally for a quiz on roses, used last year as part of an exhibit of books at McHenry Library.

UCSC's computerized narrative evaluations were the subect of a front-page article in the Santa Cruz County Sentinel. To get a variety of perspectives, the reporter talked to staff member Julie Reiner, professors Mark Traugott and George Brown, undergrads Nicole Silva and Robert Culbertson, and grad student Grey Hayes.

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