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June 15, 1998

Grateful Dead drummer visits UCSC classroom

(l to r) Mickey Hart and Fredric Lieberman

By Barbara McKenna

Low class attendance may be a concern at this time of year as the weather warms and final assignments loom large. But music professor Fredric Lieberman had no such problem when he convened class on June 5. His class of approximately 200 swelled to nearly double that number as word spread that Lieberman's guest speaker was drummer Mickey Hart, formerly of the Grateful Dead. Hart, a longtime collaborator with Lieberman, spoke to the full house for several hours on the subjects of music, drumming, the Grateful Dead, and his new band, The Other Ones.

Hart entered Lieberman's class to the accompaniment of a drum serenade, delivered from the front rows by a bevy of rhythmically inclined students. Hart beamed at the musicians and clapped along for several moments before beginning his talk.

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