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June 1, 1998

Making the News

David Cope's work was featured as the cover story of West--the Sunday magazine of the San Jose Mercury News--in a story titled "Wolfgang Amadeus Macintosh." The story focused on Cope's invention EMI and the ways in which computers are changing how we think about creativity. At one point, the reporter describes a contest in which audience members were directed to pick out the pieces composed by Bach, EMI, and composer Steve Larson (the latter two composing in the style of Bach). The reporter summed up the audience's assessment simply: "Poor Steve Larson. The audience voted for his piece as the one written by the computer. Poor Bach. The audience decided that EMI's composition was the one written by the great composer."

A press conference announcing the opening of UCSC's videoconferencing classroom caught the attention of TV and print media from around the area. Covering the story were KRON-TV, KSBW-TV, KION-TV, KSMS-TV, the Santa Cruz County Sentinel, and the San Francisco Chronicle. People who were interviewed for the story included Chancellor Greenwood, Student Affairs' Francisco Hernandez, Michael Tanner, computer engineering student Deondra Wilson, and computer science graduate student Albion Baucom.

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