[Photo of Book Collection winners] Winners of the 32nd Annual Book Collection Contest were feted in a ceremony held April 16 in McHenry Library. The annual contest, which is sponsored by the Friends of the UCSC Library, features a competition for UCSC students and one for local high school students. This year Santa Cruz and Aptos High Schools, Bellamarine Prepatory School in Los Gatos, and Georgiana Bruce Kirby Prepatory School participated, submitting a total of 44 essays.

Contest winners pictured are (clockwise, from front) Isaiah Parra (honorable mention/Aptos High School) for "Graffitti Art," Kelly McCall (second place/UCSC) for "Literature and the Land: A Book Collection," Joshua Gray (first place/UCSC) for "General Relativity: A Collection in Honor of William Burke," Murray Eiland (third place/UCSC) for "The Scouting Experience," and Cameron Mozee-Baum (honorable mention/Santa Cruz High School) for "Photography: An Artistic Perspective."

Photo: Don Harris

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