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April 6, 1998

University of California campuses have released their admissions results for the fall 1998 freshman class.

The following is a media advisory issued by UCSC's Public Information Office regarding the campus's admissions results.


UCSC increases diversity among freshmen admitted for 1998 class

Focus is on outreach efforts to ensure top academic quality and ethnic diversity in post-Prop. 209 era

By Elizabeth M. Irwin

The University of California, Santa Cruz, has announced the release of letters of admission to freshmen applying to enter UCSC in fall 1998. Issuance of letters of admission is an early step in the process leading to actual enrollments of students next September. Among UC-eligible freshman applicants admitted to Santa Cruz, there is an increase of underrepresented students (8.4 percent/148). Moreover, these admitted students reflect higher levels of academic achievement in SAT scores and GPA compared to those admitted last year.

Administrative comment

"We had projected a downturn of 109 underrepresented minorities for this entering class, due to the implementation of the UC Regents' SP1 and Prop. 209," noted associate vice chancellor for enrollment management/director of admissions J. Michael Thompson. "Now, we anticipate at least maintaining the same numbers of underrepresented students when the fall class is finalized--and that fact underscores the effective and creative effort of the entire campus to continue our traditions of excellence and inclusion."

Yield efforts

Among specific outreach activities to prospective freshmen are the following:

General Background

Calendar of UC Admissions Process

(Note: Final actual enrollment figures are available only at the end of the following five-step process. Although there may be benchmark indicators at the various steps, the most significant number--the actual enrollment--results from the final matriculation in fall of each year.)

  1. Students apply by November 30; many students apply to multiple campuses.
  2. Individual campuses notify admitted students during March.
  3. Campuses engage in "yield" efforts during March and April to encourage students to select from among the campuses to which they have been admitted.
  4. Students file Statements of Intent to Register by May 1 at the UC campus at which they plan to enroll.
  5. Students complete matriculation processes within the first three weeks of the fall academic period.

Summary of ethnicity of UC-eligible admitted students for fall 1998




Percentage change

African American/Black 219 223 -1.8
Chicano/Mexican American 898 826 8.7
Filipino/Filipino American 347 295 17.6
American Indian/Alaska Native 96 82 17.1
Latino/Other Spanish American 347 333 4.2
Euro-American 4,448 4,915 -9.5
Asian/Asian American/Pacific Islander 2,169 2,021 7.3
Decline to State 1,709 562 204.1

For admissions totals released by other UC campuses, go to the University of California home page at http://www.ucnewswire.org/ucopnews.htm.

For comments about admissions at UC Berkeley and UCLA, go to statements by UC President Richard C. Atkinson and Regents Chairman Meredith J. Khachigian.

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