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March 30, 1998

UCSC is featured campus on Science Coalition Web site

By Jim Burns

For a week in mid-March, UCSC was featured in the "On-campus" section of the Science Coalition Web site, an online resource for information on federally funded science research. Each week, the coalition highlights scientific advances and ongoing research at member universities.

During the week of March 16-22, the coalition turned its spotlight on research occurring in the natural sciences and engineering at UCSC. The coalition reported that its Web site attracted some 20,000 "hits" during UCSC's week, one of the highest totals it had recorded. UCSC's page was designed and produced by the campus's Public Information Office.

The Science Coalition Web site can be found on the World Wide Web at www.sciencecoalition.org. Visitors to the site can catch up on the latest legislative news, chat with science enthusiasts in the "Science Cafe," browse through the "On-campus" archives (where the Web page featuring UCSC is now included), or read a multitude of science and technology documents in the Web site's library.

The Science Coalition comprises more than 60 major public and private research universities. Together with more than 350 businesses, voluntary health organizations, medical groups, health care providers, scientific societies, and individuals, the coalition is dedicated to sustaining the federal government's historic commitment to federally funded university science research.

For more information about the Science Coalition Web site, call Julie Brown at (202) 289-5900.

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