[Photo of UCSC students with cake art installation] Rising artists: Seniors Alicia Relles (left) and Kari Jewell mix it up for their piece, "Miss Queenie's Worry Cakes," presented during last week's Open Studio exhibition at Baskin Visual Arts.

Cooked into each of the cakes (which were a startling crimson under their pastel frostings) was a toy symbolizing a problem or worry of one of the artists. Along with slices of the cakes, the two also bestowed a sack of flour to each taker who found a toy in their slice. "We give them the flour," Jewell explained, "so that they can walk away with some of the weight of these worries." Crummy art? Absolutely. And by day's end, crumbs were all that satisfied admirers had left behind.

Photos: Barbara McKenna

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