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March 23, 1998

Lick Observatory announces 1998 summer programs

By Barbara McKenna

Lick Observatory's annual summer programs will take place this year from June through September. Two programs will be offered this summer: the Music of the Spheres benefit concert series and the Friday Night Visitor's Program.

The observatory, which has its administrative headquarters at UCSC, will offer the Music of the Spheres program on six nights in July, August, and September. The evening's program includes a live concert, opportunities to look through the 110-year-old 36-inch refracting telescope (weather permitting), and a talk by a University of California astronomer.

Each concert will begin promptly at 8 p.m. A limited number of seats are available, and the series is expected to sell out quickly. A $30 fee/donation is requested for each ticket; all amounts over $15 are tax deductible. Proceeds will benefit Lick Observatory's ongoing visitor's program.

The Friday Night Visitor's Program is offered five times between June and September. On those nights, both the 36-inch refracting telescope and the 40-inch reflecting telescope will be available for viewing selected celestial objects, weather permitting. Astronomical and historical talks will be offered as well. While the program is free, tickets are necessary. This popular program is also expected to fill up quickly.

The summer concerts will be announced soon. For more information, call (408) 274-5061, or send e-mail to giftshop@ucolick.org. To receive the April mailing on upcoming programs, please leave your name and address in your message.

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