Making Diversity Work
The Report of the Chancellor's Commission on a Changing Campus

March 6, 1998


Re: Chancellor's Commission on a Changing Campus Report

Dear Colleagues:

I am pleased to share with you this copy of "Making Diversity Work", the final report of the Chancellor's Commission on a Changing Campus. The Commission worked diligently, seriously and creatively to assess the status of our campus' commitment to diversity in this post-Proposition 209 era. Many thanks are due the members of the Commission, and I want to commend and thank in particular Catina Wilson and Michael Cowan, the Commission Co-Chairs, for their hard-work and leadership.

"Making Diversity Work" is now before the Millennium Committee, and I have asked the Committee to continue the conversation and to comment on the central issues and opportunities suggested in the report. The Millennium Committee, through its extensive consultation process, is identifying and articulating the principles which should guide UC Santa Cruz now and into the next century. The commentary and analysis in "Making Diversity Work" will serve to stimulate the Millennium Committee’s discussion of diversity in the educational environment of the University of California.

As Co-Chairs Catina Wilson, and Michael Cowan write in their introduction to the report, "In ten years, the campus should be able to say: We are now a more diverse place and a better place than we were ten years ago." Ongoing respectful discourse about what this means is essential, and is, indeed, a recommendation of the CCCC report. Thus, I strongly encourage you to bring this report to the attention of your colleagues, and to discuss it with them. I invite you to send any comments you or your colleagues may have about the report or the issues it raises to the Co-Chairs of the Millennium Committee, Professors Marc Mangel and Gail Hershatter. Additional copies of the report are available upon request from my office; please contact Anne Martindale at 9-2058. The report will also be accessible from the web at

Since the conclusion of the CCCC's work in December, the campus has launched several pertinent initiatives, including an intensive outreach recruitment effort called "Reaching Out for Our Future." Under the aegis of the Student Affairs Division, this program has four components: (1) "Taking UCSC Home" (high school and community college visits); (2) overnight visits (bringing high school students to campus); (3) "Leading with Culture" (ethnic student dance/theater group performances in targeted communities); and (4) phon-a-thons (calls to prospective admitted students).

Student Affairs has also

These and other outstanding proposals to enhance existing coordination and increase campus involvement in K-12 educational issues and opportunities are responsive to some of the issues raised in the report of the Chancellor’s Commission. I anticipate continuing innovation across the campus in the months ahead as we read and discuss "Making Diversity Work".


M.R.C. Greenwood

Posted March 11, 1998