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March 2, 1998

Making the News

Nancy Stoller of community studies was interviewed on KPCC radio (Pasadena) on the show Ebony 98, concerning her new book, Lessons from the Damned. Among other things, Stoller discussed minority voices and organizing strategies in the AIDS epidemic.

Sociologist David Wellman was tapped for an Oakland Tribune story on how society segregates its athletes into sports along racial lines (e.g., basketball and crew). "Sports are a reflection of society," he observed. "As long as we have segregated residential areas and segregated occupations which are racially stratified, we're going to find racial stratification and segmentation in sports as well."

Chancellor Greenwood was quoted in a San Francisco Chronicle story on fat-reduction drugs. Greenwood noted that while genetics determine largely who is fat and who is not, the rise in obesity is not taking place because of a genetic change but because of diet and exercise changes.

Pianist Barbara Nissman put on "a thundering show," according to a critic from the Santa Cruz County Sentinel. The critic raved about Nissman's "impressive interpretive skills" and "high-voltage music."

The Register Pajaronian talked to geologist Gerald Weber for a story on mud slides threatening homes and closing roads in the Corralitos area. Weber has been studying the slide complex closely and advising local residents.

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