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January 12, 1998

Making the News

Molecular biologist Harry Noller's work using X-ray crystallography to reveal three-dimensional images of the inner workings of ribosomes made Science magazine's list of likely areas for promising breakthroughs in 1998. The San Jose Mercury News picked up the story and included Noller in an end-of-the-year preview of coming science attractions.

Economist Manuel Pastor of Latin American and Latino studies was quoted in a front-page story in the Los Angeles Times about three major public-works projects planned for the city and the impacts the projects will have on L.A.'s residents and the local economy.

Psychology's Anthony Pratkanis was interviewed by USA Today for a story on scarcity as a sales tactic. Pratkanis also appeared recently on C-SPAN, which broadcast a talk he gave at a conference on telemarketing fraud sponsored by the American Association of Retired Persons and the National Association of Attorneys General.

Martin Wollesen of the University Events Office was the featured guest on KNTV's Datebook program this past Sunday. The show focused on the upcoming performance of Winifred R. Harris's "Between Lines" (January 17) and a number of other "UC Santa Cruz Presents" upcoming events.

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