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January 5, 1998

Making the News

Economist Michael Hutchison's timely commentary on Japan's banking crisis ran in the Santa Cruz County Sentinel, which also published a letter to the editor from environmental scientist Rich Howarth, who critiqued the paper's stance on global warming.

Dickens Project director John Jordan was interviewed by NPR's Ira Glass. Glass spoke to Jordan on the topic of Charles Dickens and Christmas for a story he is doing for Holidays On Ice, a book of short Christmas stories by David Sedaris. The segment was featured on the show "This American Life," which aired December 26 and 28.

Bob Curry, professor emeritus of environmental studies, appeared in West magazine's cover story about Bud McCrary of Big Creek Lumber, known for developing logging practices that minimize erosion and stimulate forest growth.

The presses keep rolling on the story of composer David Cope's computer invention named EMI. The latest coverage came from the Rocky Mountain News, which wrote a feature on Cope's new CD. The San Diego Union Tribune also picked up another story on Cope that ran previously in the New York Times.

Manuel Pastor of Latin American and Latino studies was quoted in the San Bernardino Sun, which ran a story about a two-day conference on global migration. Pastor said that racism is a fundamental factor that underscores this country's policies on immigration.

"The Jesus of the late second millennium is a changing man," declared a story in the San Jose Metro. The story, on a recent upsurge in popularity of alternative evangelical movements, quoted hist con's Gary Lease. Lease noted that the tenets of prosperity as a divine gift, the promise offered by many of the new evangelical movements, are ideas that have been around since the Reformation.

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