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December 8, 1997

Changes proposed to UC's e-mail policy

In a letter to the campus community, Julia Armstrong-Zwart, assistant chancellor for Human Resources, described proposed changes to UC's electronic-mail policy.

The policy has governed the use of faculty, staff, and administrative e-mail accounts on an interim basis since August 1996. It is proposed for full implementation, with the recent revisions, as soon as is feasible after January 1.

The most significant policy change is a clarification of the circumstances under which the university may access an e-mail account without obtaining the account holder's consent. The text of the proposed revisions and current policy may be found on the Web at http://www.ucop.edu/irc/policy.

To ask questions about the proposed revisions to the policy, call Linda Listmann at (408) 459-2017 or send e-mail to llg@cats.ucsc.edu.

Members of the campus community who can't access the policy on the Web may request a copy from Susan Taylor at (408) 459-2058 or send e-mail to suestoy@cats.ucsc.edu.

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