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November 24, 1997


Jan Tepper

Police Chief Jan Tepper was invited to Washington, D.C., in November to participate in the White House Conference on Hate Crimes.

President Clinton, Vice President Gore, Attorney General Reno, and several Cabinet secretaries presided over the meeting, which was attended by representatives from law enforcement, prosecutors, education, clergy, social service agencies, and a number of national organizations including the NAACP, Human Rights Campaign, and NOW.

The day began with a breakfast reception at the White House, followed by a conference at George Washington University, attended by about 350 people. It ended with a reception at the Holocaust Museum.

Chief Tepper participated in a smaller subgroup discussion focused on hate crimes on university campuses.

"It was a tremendous opportunity for people from varying perspectives and with different areas of expertise to meet each other and exchange ideas," said Tepper.

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