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November 17, 1997

New Web site provides access to University Library's slide collection

SlideCat opens door to University Library slides

By Francine Tyler

Earthquakes, endangered species, and Egyptian monuments are just a few of the subjects to be found on SlideCat, a new Web site supported by the University Library.

SlideCat provides descriptions of the more than 200,000 slides stored in the library's Slide Collection. Slides from the interdisciplinary collection are available to faculty and students for use in UCSC classroom presentations or instruction.

"We've developed SlideCat to meet the library's mission of providing visual material in support of university teaching and research," said slides librarian Christine Bunting. "It's an evolving resource, which we're continually expanding and editing."

Faculty and students who need a slide on a particular subject, person, or topic can search by key word or browse through the collection's subject files. After identifying the slide or slides they need, they can e-mail library staff with a request and pick up their slides at McHenry Library.

To access SlideCat, go to McHenry Library's home page at http://www.ucsc.edu/library or directly to the site at http://slides-www.ucsc.edu/slidecat/slidecat.html.

For more information about the SlideCat database, send e-mail to slides@cats.ucsc.edu or call (408) 459-2791.

Faculty and students wanting a more sophisticated slide search than is possible on the Web may need to go to the Slide Collection (located in room 102A on the first floor of McHenry Library) to directly access the SlideCat database, Bunting said.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to a computer malfunction, the SlideCat service is not currently available. Slide Collection staff expect the service to be operational again soon.

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