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November 17, 1997

Burgeoning Music Department launches new programs

UCSC students practice with the University Orchestra

By Barbara McKenna

Growth in the Music Department has not been limited to facilities. Along with the new Music Center, the department has been working on expanding its nationally recognized music program. This fall two related initiatives have been launched that will strengthen the department's performance programs.

A new bachelor of music (B.M.) degree offers greater opportunities for students interested in focusing their studies on performance. To help fill that degree with top students, the Resident Student Ensembles scholarship program has been created to recruit top student performers.

The new B.M. degree is the result of several years of planning and broadens the music curriculum. Students can now focus their studies through either the existing B.A. degree in music, which stresses scholarly achievement, or through the B.M. degree. The B.M. allows highly skilled undergraduates to concentrate on musical performance, including those who will come to UCSC through the Resident Student Ensembles scholarship program.

The Music Department expects to expand its graduate programs as well. Along with the current M.A. degree in music, a proposal is in place for a Ph.D. degree program that will emphasize cultural musicology and algorithmic composition/analysis.

Applications are being accepted through November 30 for the Resident Student Ensembles scholarship program. Four students will be selected to receive four-year merit-based scholarships to UCSC beginning in the 1998-99 academic year. The students will be selected from a rigorous application process that includes a public audition in April. This year's scholarships will be given to string musicians who will be seated in both a large university performance group (such as the UCSC Orchestra) and a student resident string quartet. The quartet will present performances for the general public and area schools (Link to string competition Web page).

Students will receive scholarships equal to the amount of four years of full in-state fees (approximately $16,800). The competition is open to all high school seniors who are applying for admission to UCSC. Applications are due by November 30, 1997 (the same filing deadline for admission to UCSC). Finalists will be invited to perform in a competition on April 18, 1998, from which the four scholarship recipients will be chosen (those unable to attend the competition may submit a video of a recent performance).

To apply, students should submit the following three items: a photocopy of a completed UC application; a cassette of two contrasting works totaling 15-20 minutes of music; a one-page outline of musical history (instrument, years studied, orchestral experience, works performed). Packets should be submitted to Rebecca Seeman, Coordinator; Resident Student Ensembles Program; Music Center; UC Santa Cruz, 1156 High Street, Santa Cruz, CA, 95064. For more information, call (408) 459-4008, or send e-mail to skizer@cats.ucsc.edu.

This program is supported through the UCSC Music Campaign--a fund-raising program in place to raise $1 million for music programs at UCSC by June 1998. To contribute to the campaign, call the Arts Development Office at (408) 459-3277.

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