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November 17, 1997

Making the News

The lead story in the New York Times science section on November 11 featured several prominent biologists, including our own Burney Le Boeuf, discussing the extraordinarily deep dives of elephant seals, whales, and other marine mammals. A medical researcher "probably won't believe" the extent to which a seal's lungs collapse during its mile-deep forays underwater, Le Boeuf commented. The article also cited recent research by Le Boeuf's group documenting dramatic drops in the heart rates of diving juvenile elephant seals at Ano Nuevo.

Those psychologists have been busy lately. Craig Haney was the final witness for the defense in the sentencing phase of the Oregon case of Robert Acremant, who has pleaded guilty to the 1995 murders of a lesbian couple. Haney's testimony was covered extensively by the Statesman-Journal in Salem. . . . Bruce Bridgeman was a guest on two radio programs during Population Awareness Week. He was a guest on Eric Schoeck's call-in program on KOMY on Oct. 27, and on John Laird's Talk of the Bay program on KUSP-FM on Oct. 30. Both programs were about the growth of the human population beyond the earth's capacity to support it. . . . Finally, David Harrington discussed the benefits of the arts for children with a reporter from Keynoter magazine.

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