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November 10, 1997

Dream expert authors new workbook for dreamers

By Jennifer McNulty

Veronica Tonay's new book features cover art by Albert Joseph Moore

Judging from the phone calls and letters she has received since publishing her first book, The Creative Dreamer, Veronica Tonay appears to be one of those lucky authors whose work is helping people make positive changes in their lives.

"I've gotten so much feedback from readers telling me about the changes they've made," said Tonay, a lecturer in psychology at UCSC, who has received stories, poems, and letters of thanks from readers and has spoken with many readers during radio broadcasts.

That kind of feedback, and a request from her publisher, inspired Tonay to produce a companion volume called The Creative Dreamer's Journal and Workbook, which has just been published by Celestial Arts.

The dream journal, a 150-page hardbound book embellished with a painting by Albert Joseph Moore on the cover, provides lots of space for recording dreams, new worksheets and exercises to help dreamers interpret their dreams, and dozens of inspiring quotes that Tonay has collected in her own dream journals over the years to stimulate reflection. She also offers tips for getting a good night's sleep and tips for helping dreamers remember their dreams.

"I wanted to provide a beautiful frame for people to hold their most private images," said Tonay, a licensed clinical psychologist who also has a private counseling practice in Santa Cruz. "I wanted to give people a place to explore the themes that occur in their dreams over time and to offer guidance that would help them understand more about themselves, their feelings, and their interactions in the world."

Tonay, who has interpreted more than 15,000 dreams during her career, believes that dreams are an important outlet for many emotions that often go unexpressed during our waking hours. Her first book reveals what people most commonly dream about, the meaning of emotions in dreams, and some themes of creative people's dreams. It offers practical guidance for those interested in exploring dreams as a channel of self-understanding and suggests ways "to overcome blocks in your life by listening to your dreams," as Tonay wrote in the introduction to The Creative Dreamer's Journal and Workbook.

"Of the two books, the journal feels more personal to me," said Tonay. "I like to imagine a person opening it up, reading a quote, and then reflecting on it. I want to encourage readers to make their journals a personal treasure, because dreams are so creative. They're like stories."

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