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November 10, 1997

Grant carries summer learning into school year

By Francine Tyler

Over the past three summers, more than 90 students from Monterey County middle schools have studied science, math, and English at UCSC in a challenging summer program.

These students--former participants in the Summer Session/Seaside Junior High School Math/Science Institute--resumed their extracurricular studies last month in a tutoring program sponsored by Summer Session and funded by the Community Foundation of Monterey County.

A $9,000 grant from the Community Foundation's general endowment fund is paying for the after-school tutoring sessions to follow up on the summer institute.

Executive director of Summer Session Judith McCarrick is administering the grant, which is supporting weekly tutorials at six schools in the Monterey Peninsula Unified School District through the start of 1998.

Launched last spring by Summer Session, the tutorial program provides approximately 10 tutors (many of whom are UCSC students). Participating in the program are: Los Arboles, Martin Luther King Jr., Roger Fitch, and Walter Colton Middle Schools and Monterey and Seaside High Schools.

Summer Session hopes to secure additional funds to continue tutoring Math/Science Institute students through high school graduation, said project coordinator Tammi Brown.

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