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November 3, 1997

Making the News

While on a research trip to Besançon, France, history professor Jonathan Beecher was interviewed by Radio France and was the subject of a profile in the local newspaper, L'Est Republicain. Beecher's work concerns a tradition of French radical and utopian thought with deep roots in the east of France.

Economist Michael Hutchison discussed the Southeast Asian currency crisis with Jane Kim of Dow-Jones News Service.

New sociology faculty member Melanie DuPuis helped out a Newsday reporter who was writing about the dairy industry. DuPuis wrote her dissertation about the industrialization of the dairy industry and is just finishing up a book about milk.

Geophysicist Quentin Williams responded to a recent question posed by a reader of the "Ask the Experts" column on Scientific American's World Wide Web site. Why is the earth's core so hot, the reader wondered, and how do scientists measure its temperature? To read Williams's torrid reply, go to http://www.sciam.com/askexpert/geology/geology7/geology7.html

Those media-savvy fourth graders from Aromas School who wrote a book for children about university life got lots of coverage last week when Chancellor Greenwood, Francisco Hernandez, and Carrol Moran helped them launch the regional distribution of the book with a press conference at a San Jose school. KCBS radio showed up, as did KSBW-TV, KRON-TV, and KGO-TV. Moran had done a television interview with Monterey's Spanish-language station, KSMS-TV, about the book earlier in the week. And Jondi Gumz at the Santa Cruz County Sentinel is keeping tabs on the kudos that keep rolling in for the young authors, several of whom have been invited to make a presentation at a national education conference in Washington, D.C. . . . Gumz also wrote a nice story about UCSC's participation in the America Reads program (see article in this week's edition of Currents online).

Diane Gifford-Gonzalez was featured in a Sentinel story about UCSC's role as curator of artifacts recovered from an archaeological site near Scotts Valley City Hall.

The new men's water polo team at UCSC was the subject of a story in the Santa Cruz County Senitinel. The NCAA-sanctioned team was formed this year through support from donor Bill Simkins and USA Water Polo. Quoted for the story were athletic director Mark Majeski, coach Steve Hanson, and students Sam Radetsky and Mark Townsend. Radetsky was also the subject of a sidebar to the story.

Sculptor and printmaker Zarina Hashmi was featured in the Newsweek cover story, "Special Report: India the Next 50 Years." Hashmi was one of a number of artists and intellectuals profiled for the section "Songs and Silent Rage" who discussed their experiences on the day India gained its independence.

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