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October 27, 1997

Questions and answers about attendant-assisted parking

What is attendant-assisted parking? Is it valet parking?

Answer: Attendant-assisted parking (also known as stack parking) isn't valet parking. Wherever possible attendants will help drivers locate parking spaces where they can self-park or "park and lock." When these spaces are filled parking attendants will then ask you to park your vehicle in an aisle, lock your car, and leave your keys (car keys only) with the attendant. The attendant will give you a parking "claim check" to redeem your car and keys later. When you are ready to leave, an attendant will move other vehicles as necessary allowing you to safely exit.

Who is in charge of attendant-assisted parking?

Answer: Transportation and Parking Services has contracted with a vendor, AMPCO System Parking, which provides similar parking services for UC Berkeley, UC Davis, and UC Los Angeles.

What hours will attendant-assisted parking be provided?

Answer: Attendants will be in the East Remote parking lot from 10 a.m. until 6 p.m., Monday through Thursday, with hours adjusted as necessary to accommodate demand.

If I am asked to turn over my keys to a parking attendant, how do I know my car and its contents will be safe?

Answer: Those customers using attendant-assisted parking who are asked to give up their keys will first lock their cars, and then provide the car keys to the attendant in exchange for a numbered claim check. All car keys collected by attendants will be kept in a locked key box at the attendant kiosk. Attendants will be in the lot during the hours of service and your car will only be released to the individual holding the appropriate claim check.

What if I don't get back to my vehicle until after 6 p.m.?

Answer: At closing, the attendant will ensure your car is parked in a marked parking space and locked and will turn over your keys in a sealed envelope to Transportation and Parking Services. You may exchange your claim check for your keys by calling the campus dispatcher at 459-4861 between 6 and 10:30 p.m., Monday through Thursday. Campus Dispatch will contact TAPS to confirm a time that you can meet the transit supervisor at the TAPS Transit Office located in the Central Garage near the base of campus. The transit supervisor will only be able to release keys if the appropriate claim check is provided. Whenever possible you are encouraged get your keys from the attendant prior to 6 p.m. or carry a spare key and pick up your claim-checked key the next business day at the East Remote lot.

How long will I have to wait to have a parking attendant assist me in parking or return my keys to me?

Answer: Attendant-assisted parking will take more time than parking in a self-park area. During peak use periods you may have to wait several minutes to get your keys or to have an attendant move a vehicle that is blocking your vehicle. Please allow for this short delay in your schedule.

If IÕm a resident and I park in the attendant-assisted area, what will happen?

Answer: It is recommended that residents park in the standard parking area of the lot. As long as you display the appropriate parking permit you will not receive a citation for parking in the areas marked for attendant-assisted parking. If you park in the attendant-assisted parking area you will be required to use this parking program just as commuters. This may require that you leave your keys with the attendant and return to your vehicle before the attendant leaves at 6 p.m. to pick up your keys and move your vehicle.

I donÕt want anyone touching my car but me--what should I do if I use the East Remote lot?

Answer: You are encouraged to arrive on the campus early enough to obtain one of the available self-park spaces in the lot, or park in another lot that is not scheduled for attendant-assisted parking. Uncontrolled self-parking will not be allowed in the East Remote lot. To accommodate all who need to park on our campus, strict enforcement of parking guidelines will be necessary.

What happens if I use attendant-assisted parking and my car is damaged?

Answer: Our parking contractor, who has extensive liability insurance, has an excellent reputation for handling cars carefully. If you believe your car was damaged in the lot, report the damage immediately to the parking attendant supervisor who will assist you in filing a claim.

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