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October 13, 1997


Accolades describes awards, honors, and other professional acitivities of faculty, staff, and students; this column also includes published books, articles, and music by members of the campus community.

Three UCSC tennis players won the Fall Rolex Invitational Western Regional Championships, held October 3-5 in Claremont. Thomas Oechel (soph.) and Josh Goodley (jr.) won the doubles title, and Danny Kim (fr.) won the individual singles title. The three will be representing UCSC at the National Championships in Memphis October 23-26. Thirty-two UCSC players were invited to participate in the Western Regional, and going into the quarterfinals (the Final Eight), UCSC still had six players in the field.

Brewster Smith, professor emeritus of psychology, received an award for the best article published in the Interamerican Journal of Psychology in 1995/1996 at the 26th Interamerican Congress of Psychology in San Paolo, Brazil, in July. Smith's article, titled "Psychology and Truth: Human Science and the Post-Modern Challenge," appeared in 1996, volume 30.

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