Volume 2
Number 6
September 16-21, 1997

As of this issue, Currents Online is returning to its weekly schedule for the academic year. The next issue will be posted on Monday, September 22.

Fall retreat fuels UCSC planning effort
Anne Petersen of the W. K. Kellogg Foundation delivered the keynote speech at th e Chancellor's Fall Retreat on Wednesday, September 10. Ideas generated at the r etreat will help inform the campus's planning process. (Photos)

It's not quite as simple as Econ 101
Economist Dan Friedman is the first to admit that his latest research interest h as him heading upstream, but he has a sturdy paddle. A three-year $185,000 grant from the National Science Foundation assured him that the time is right for his provocative analysis of the performance of customer markets.

Convocation for new students on Sunday, September 21
Former White House chief of staff Leon Panetta is scheduled to deliver the keynote address at UCSC's annual convocation for new students. The event will take place from 4 to 5 p.m. in the Upper Quarry Amphitheater. "Move-in" weekend, during which UCSC students move into on-campus housing, begins Friday, September 19. (A schedule of move-in activity)

Geneticist and breast-cancer researcher to speak at UCSC
Geneticist Mary-Claire King, one of the country's most prominent breast-cancer r esearchers, will discuss the latest research on genetic predispositions toward c ancer in a public lecture this week at UCSC.

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