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June 23, 1997

Awards and Honors

A journal article coauthored by Professor Michael Dine of the Santa Cruz Institute for Particle Physics was the 11th-most cited physics paper in the world during March and April, according to the Institute for Scientific Information. Other physicists cited the paper 22 times in that period, indicating that the research is having a strong impact in the field. The paper described conditions under which researchers might find evidence for "supersymmetry," a powerful theory that proposes an unseen but aesthetically pleasing symmetry between different types of particles. The journal Physical Review Letters published the paper on May 6, 1996. Dine's coauthors were from Stanford University, the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center, Ohio State University, and the European Organization for Nuclear Research

More than 200 people gathered on June 6 in the Stevenson Dining Hall to celebrate this year's athletic accomplishments at the 2nd Annual UCSC Athletics Awards Banquet. The award winners are as follows:

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