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June 20, 1997

To: The campus community
From: UCSC Police Department
Re: New security alarms policy

New policies are now in effect which regulate campus security alarms and give the UCSC police chief the authority to review all requests for new security alarms and modifications to existing alarms.

These policies are available on the World Wide Web (Installation and Use of Security Alarms and Requesting New/Modified Security Alarm Service).

In summary, after receiving Police Department authorization, the individual unit is responsible for:

Beginning July 1, 1997, two new fees will be implemented (both have been reviewed and approved by the campus recharge committee):


A false alarm is defined as an alarm which is accidentally activated by an authorized user of an alarmed area. (Alarm malfunctions will not be included in this false alarm count.) A maximum of three false alarms per 90-day period will be permitted without penalty. After that, the following fees will apply:


Security alarms which are monitored by the UCSC Dispatch Center will be charged $15 per month. Those alarms which are monitored by a private vendor will not pay a UCSC monitoring fee, but will instead be responsible for the private vendor fee.

The Police Department does not charge to survey your area or to provide information about crime prevention strategies. Please call ext. 2231 or send e-mail to Chief Jan Tepper (tepper@cats) if you have any questions regarding either of these two new policies.

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