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June 6, 1997

To: The Campus Community
From: Executive Vice Chancellor R. Michael Tanner

I am very pleased to announce a favorable conclusion to our multi-month discussion of space reallocations at Kerr Hall, Natural Sciences II, McHenry Library, College 8, Stevenson and Social Sciences 2, occasioned by the long-awaited completion of earthquake repairs to Natural Science II. The decision sets the location for numerous campus units pending the completion of the new Interdisciplinary Sciences Building, envisioned as an adjunct to Natural Sciences II.

The decisionmaking process has included careful attention to the concerns of affected campus constituencies. These include the faculties of Astronomy, Physics, UCO Lick, Santa Cruz Institute for Particle Physics (SCIPP), and Environmental Studies; students, including representatives of the Student Union Association and the Graduate Student Association; the Deans; the Provosts; the Faculty Committee on Planning and Budget, the University Librarian, the Vice Chancellors, and numerous campus members.

Our priority has been meeting the needs of academic programs, faculty and students. In addition, we have been guided by these goals:

1) Avoid spending money for short term space adjustments, particularly those with low value when construction is completed on the new Interdisciplinary Science Building (anticipated within four years);

2) Increase net space on campus without jeopardizing our immediate and future major capital program.

3) Provide space for recently expanded programs, such as Environmental Studies and Engineering.

With these principles in mind, the following actions are planned during the summer.

1) Environmental Studies faculty will move to sections of the third and fourth floors of Natural Sciences 2.

2) Sociology faculty and other social sciences faculty will move to space in College 8 vacated by Environmental Studies.

3) Humanities faculty will gain space in Stevenson College, with the move of Sociology.

4) SCIPP will return from Social Sciences 2 to Natural Sciences 2.

5) Graduate Studies/Sponsored Projects/Research will move to Social Sciences 1 or 2.

6) Film and Video will expand in the Communications Building.

7) Media Services and Human Resources units will move from Communications, either to modular buildings or to Natural Sciences 2.

8) Chancellor's units, Executive Vice Chancellor's units, and other senior administration will remain in, or move to, McHenry Library on the second and fourth floors.

9) Planning and Budget will remain on the third floor at Kerr Hall.

10) Faculty of Astronomy, Physics and UCO Lick will remain in Kerr Hall, with possible minor exchanges of that space for locations in Natural Sciences 2.

These compromises among many differing perspectives have been made possible through the patience, creativity and hard work of numerous individuals, and I greatly appreciate their efforts.

I believe that this extensive consultation has provided the campus with acceptable short-term solutions and excellent long-term resolutions to problems that have lingered for nearly a decade-and I invite you all to join me in celebrating this milestone.

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