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June 2, 1997


Media from around the region covered the May 22 dedication of the Music Center, including Channel 46, Channel 8, the San Jose Mercury News, the Santa Cruz County Sentinel, and the Good Times. Staff and faculty who helped the media with their coverage included arts dean Edward Houghton, music professor Fred Lieberman, operations manager Tom Listmann, and campus architect David Tanza.

The New York Times News Service ran an opinion piece on a recent "Science Studies" conference at UCSC. Organized by physicist Michael Nauenberg, the meeting explored the culture and politics of science. The column eloquently addressed, in the author's words, "Why you should care if a bunch of professor-types want to spend a beautiful May weekend arguing about literary criticism and relativity theory."

For a story on the recent UCSC performance of the opera Sisters of the Visitation, a San Jose Mercury News reviewer interviewed music professor Sherwood Dudley and French lecturer Miriam Ellis. Dudley is editor of this version, which includes unpublished portions Dudley discovered during his research. Dudley is also general director and conductor and Ellis is translator and stage director.

The international journal Nature published a stellar review of astronomer Don Osterbrock's latest book, a history of Yerkes Observatory in Wisconsin. Penned the reviewer, "This is an excellent description of the ups and downs of a major observatory, told by someone who himself directed another leading U.S. observatory--Lick in California."

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