[Photo of Chancellor Greenwood, Francisco Hernandez, and a UCSC student]

Two hundred of UCSC's 4,000 student employees were singled out for special recognition at a reception for the third annual Student Employee Recognition Award Program (SERAP).

Student employees, parents, and supervisors attended the May 2 event, which took place at University House.

At the reception, Chancellor Greenwood, Vice Chancellor Francisco Hernandez of Student Affairs, and Bay Tree Bookstore employee Patti Parise (far left), the chairperson and coordinator for the ceremony, handed out certificates of appreciation to the students. Bob McCampbell (far right), director of the Bay Tree Bookstore, announced the names of award winners.

Many students also received monetary awards ranging from $100 to $1,500 from their supervisors for outstanding work.

(Photos: Don Harris and Victor Schiffrin)

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