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April 28, 1997

Class of '77 gives UCSC its largest class gift ever

By Francine Tyler

In honor of their 20-year reunion, UCSC's Class of '77 has donated $35,055 toward a scholarship program for students with financial need. It is the largest class gift ever made by a UCSC alumni class.

Steve Jung, president-elect of the UCSC Alumni Association, presented the check to Chancellor Greenwood at the class's 20-year reunion dinner on Saturday, April 19 (photo). The dinner took place in the dining hall of Merrill College during the annual Banana Slug Spring Fair celebration.

"We wanted to honor our time at UCSC by helping to ensure that others have the chance to benefit from a similar experience," said Jung. "We're proud that the Class of '77 has earned its place in UCSC history as having done more for student scholarships than any class to date."

Chancellor Greenwood expressed her appreciation for the gift. "This donation sets a new standard for alumni and demonstrates the level of their commitment to UC Santa Cruz," she said. "I'm hopeful that other classes will be inspired to give so generously, because the need has never been greater."

The $35,000 gift goes to the UCSC Alumni Association Scholarship Fund, which provides support to students who have financial need, said Daniel G. Aldrich III, assistant chancellor for University Advancement at UCSC. The fund awarded eight $2,500 scholarships this academic year.

The gift brings the scholarship fund to more than $265,000. This past fall, the Alumni Association established a goal to build the fund over the next several years to a permanent endowment of $1 million, said Aldrich.

Class gifts to provide current scholarships or assist endowments have been a tradition since UCSC began hosting 20-year reunions five years ago. This year's gift effort was organized by the Development Committee of the Alumni Association Council, the 20th Reunion Gift Committee, and the Office of Annual Giving and Special Gifts.

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