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March 24, 1997


United Press International spoke with physicist Michael Nauenberg about the London conference he helped to organize on Isaac Newton. The science and history conference, held on March 21, attracted the world's leading Newtonian scholars.

The San Francisco Chronicle published a paean to Pioneer 10, the most distant spacecraft from Earth. A diagram showed the famous plaque aboard the hardy craft, designed by our own Frank Drake and the late Carl Sagan as a greeting to civilizations that may encounter Pioneer 10 in the future.

The Monterey County Herald reported on a lecture by marine biologist Jim Estes on California sea otters. Oil spills may no longer be the primary threat to the population, Estes said, noting that "there's little evidence that the [Exxon Valdez] spill had a catastrophic long-term effect" on otters in Alaska.

Astronomer Bill Mathews shared commentary about Comet Hale-Bopp with the audience of Mr. Logic's weekly Sunday science program on KSCO radio. Mathews taught a popular winter-quarter course on Hale-Bopp and the possible role of meteorite impacts on the planet's evolution.

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