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March 10, 1997

Post-Prop. 209 Commission tackles proactive agenda

By Elizabeth Irwin

Recommendations for creative action to maintain and build campus diversity are the goal of the newly formed Post-Prop. 209 Commission.

"Although the passage of Prop. 209 stimulated students to respond, we don't want merely to react," noted Professor Michael Cowan at the first meeting of the group on February 13.

Rather, Cowan and his commission cochair, Oakes senior Catina Wilson, urged members to recognize UCSC's commitment to and achievement of diversity throughout the campus's history--and then to build on that solid base. "We must conduct careful research, engage in reasoned discussion, and then offer concrete proposals for future action," Cowan declared.

Chancellor Greenwood began the meeting by reiterating her personal commitment to the work of the commission. Campus administrators, faculty, and staff gave summary reports about diversity achievements and goals, and there was a report on consensus items completed since the agreement reached among students, faculty, and administration after the student demonstration on November 6.

The commission comprises a large and broadly representative group. Members will work on six task forces, four addressing diversity for undergraduates, graduate students, staff, and faculty, and two others considering multicultural studies and a campus diversity forum.

By late spring quarter, the commission will propose actions for appropriate referral, such as to the Academic Senate or student groups.

To underscore its proactivity and broad focus, the commission is considering a name change. One idea for a new name is the Chancellor's Commission on a Changing Campus (4-C).

For more information, contact Michael Cowan at (408) 459-4455 or at michael_cowan@macmail.ucsc.edu or Catina Wilson at (408) 427-9845 or at catina@cats.ucsc.edu

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