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Volume 1
Number 20
Mar. 3-9, 1997


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Media Lab provides unique learning opportunities
[Photo of Glen Williams in the Social Sciences Media Lab]
Tucked away in an editing suite in the Social Sciences Media Lab, anthropology major Glen Williams puts the finishing touches on a videotape about the intersection of culture and tourism in Nepal. Like many other students and faculty, Williams is making great use of the lab's facilities and the expertise of its staff.
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State Senator McPherson coming to UCSC March 7
California Senator Bruce McPherson, newly elected vice chair of the senate's Committee on Education, will visit the UCSC campus on Friday, March 7. Members of the campus community are invited to attend a one-hour session with the senator at College Eight.

Led by UCSC, UC joins global coral reef initiative
[Photo of coral]
Home to a forefront group of marine researchers, UCSC will coordinate UC's involvement in a global partnership to protect and manage the world's coral reefs.
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Sociologist testifies about how to overcome racial bias in jury selection
Sociologist Hiroshi Fukurai testified twice in superior court recently about the underrepresentation of racial minorities on California juries.

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