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February 21, 1997

Message from Chancellor Greenwood

To the Campus Community:

The campus is considering a number of alternatives for space allocations, including how to make best use of Natural Sciences 2. This building has been undergoing earthquake repairs and is now ready for re-occupancy.

Over the past months, several space allocation scenarios have been discussed by the Space Policy Committee, whose membership comprises faculty, administrators and others. In addition, the first seven of these scenarios also have been discussed with the Academic Senate Committee on Planning and Budget.

Earlier this week (Tuesday, February 18), the Space Policy Committee met with representatives of various potentially affected constituencies, including members of the student government, to discuss several previously extant scenarios along with a new scenario (Scenario 8). This new scenario would require positive student support in order to be adopted.

Among other things, Scenario 8 proposes swapping space in College 8 for space in the Student Center. This scenario seemed responsive to some student comments that the Student Center building and location are not functioning effectively as a student-oriented site.

Scenario 8 was presented to the Student Center Governance Board earlier today, and the Board is considering it at this time.

Unfortunately, it appears that a great deal of misinformation about this proposal has been circulating on campus. I am writing now to underscore my commitment to consider the views of the Student Center Governance Board, as well as those of other affected groups, before making a decision.

Chancellor M.R.C. Greenwood

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