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February 24, 1997


A New York Times Magazine story on the work of primatologist Frans de Waal cited hist. con.'s Donna Haraway for an opposing view. De Waal has used his studies on primates to draw conclusions about human behavior, a practice Haraway argues against in her book Primate Visions. The Times story cites Haraway describing de Waal as a product of his time, who depicts a world in which "primates became model yuppies."

Attendees at the recent American Association for the Advancement of Science meeting in Seattle saw a color picture of our own Doug Lin on page 1 of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. Lin spoke on the first day of the meeting at a well-attended session on new planetary systems. The photo depicted Lin in front of a colorful slide of a solar system in formation. A freelance writer for the Santa Cruz County Sentinel also filed a report on Lin's address. . . . Another UCSC speaker at the AAAS meeting, physicist Joel Primack, spoke to an enthusiastic overflow crowd about the beginning of time. To hear Primack's intriguing ideas on this subject, tune in to KSCO radio (AM 1080) on Sunday, March 2, from 3 to 5 p.m., for the local station's weekly science program.

Awaiting the verdict in O. J. Simpson's civil trial, anthropologist Carolyn Martin Shaw wrote a thoughtful commentary about the case. Published by the Santa Cruz County Sentinel, Shaw's piece revealed her feelings as a black woman who believes Simpson guilty of the murders. She described her efforts to learn more about how other black people felt about the case, and she expressed her displeasure at the way allegations of racism were used in the case to shield Simpson's guilt.

The February issue of Discover, in a major feature about the early history of galaxies, referred to work by UCSC astronomer David Koo and postdoctoral researcher James Lowenthal on the "Hubble Deep Field." That dramatic image, the deepest photograph yet taken of the universe, has sparked a wave of research by astronomers, including a large team at UCSC.

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