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Volume 1
Number 18
Feb. 17-23, 1997


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UCSC begins upgrade of Internet, telephone connections for students
[Photo of Eugene Ghymn at his computer]
In a pilot program, students in a Merrill College residence hall will be the first to use the Student Communications System, an $8.1 million project to provide all students who live on campus with better communications tools.
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UCSC ranks 15th in new national assessment of research universities
In a comprehensive analysis of more than 200 top universities, UCSC ranks 15th in the nation in the quality of its research productivity. The study and rankings are detailed in a just-published book that chronicles the rise of a new generation of postwar research universities in the United States.

UCSC professors speak at Seattle meeting of world's largest scientific society
The organizers of several sessions on innovative research in astronomy and physics called upon UCSC experts in those fields to speak at this year's meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

Psychologist's research is worth remembering
Associate professor of psychology Mary Sue Weldon has spent most of her career investigating the distinction between implicit and explicit memory. The differences have implications for learning how the brain is "wired" and for understanding what happens in the brain physiologically when we remember.

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