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February 3, 1997


Harry Berger, professor emeritus of literature, is the author of a collection of Shakespeare essays called Making Trifles of Terrors: Redistributing Complicities in Shakespeare, which is being released by Stanford University Press at the beginning of February. The book was edited by UCSC alumnus Peter Erickson (who earned a Ph.D. in literature in 1975).

A collection of essays by the late architectural critic Reyner Banham has just been published by UC Press. A Critic Writes: Essays by Reyner Banham is a wide-ranging collection of some of Banham's best writing and reflects his visionary intrigue with design in both great architecture and in the ordinary and everyday. As San Jose Mercury News architecture critic Alan Hess explained it, "Banham believed that good design is not limited to the educated few. Good design could be found in detergent boxes, Detroit tail fins, or the mystic headquarters of the Rosicrucians." Banham, who died in 1988, was a professor of art history at UCSC from 1980 to 1987.

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