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January 27, 1997


Two retired UCSC professors are enjoying the limelight as subjects of "festschrifts." Frank Barron of psychology and Michael Soule of environmental studies have each had volumes dedicated to them.

Festschrift is a German word for a volume of writings by different authors that is presented as a tribute or memorial. The tradition, which has been embraced by academia, represents a high honor that is typically bestowed with considerable affection.

Barron, an expert on creativity, is honored in Unusual Associates: A Festschrift for Frank Barron (Cresskill, N.J.: Hampton Press, 1996). The book was edited by Alfonso Montouri and includes contributions from 32 scholars--and a chapter by Barron.

The title refers to the friends, colleagues, and students who contributed essays. Among the contributors are UCSC psychology professor Raymond Gibbs, former philosophy professor Paul Lee, Timothy Leary, and Michael Murphy, cofounder of the Esalen Institute.

The entire December 1996 issue of the journal Conservation Biology is dedicated to Soule, who founded the field of conservation biology and is cofounder of The Wildlands Project, an ambitious proposal to set aside vast amounts of undeveloped land across the United States to protect the habitat and range of wildlife.

Daniel Press and Daniel Doak, both assistant professors of environmental studies at UCSC, coedited the festschrift and contributed an article about the role of local government in the conservation of rare species. Among the mentors, peers, and students who contributed are M. A. Sanjayan, Kevin Crooks, Gerard Zegers, and David Foran of UCSC's Biology Department, who coauthored an article on genetic variation in pocket gophers.

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