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January 20, 1997

Tickets available this week for annual convocation honoring Martin Luther King

By Francine Tyler

Tickets will become available on Wednesday, January 22, for UCSC's Martin Luther King, Jr., Convocation. The convocation will take place on Monday, January 27, at 4 p.m. in the Performing Arts Mainstage Theater.

Cornel West will be the keynote speaker at the convocation, which is held each year in memory of the slain civil rights leader. An author and professor of the philosophy of religion and Afro-American studies at Harvard University, West will discuss the "collapse of meaning" and the consequences of economic decline, cultural decay, and political lethargy in American life.

At the convocation, the Reverend Robert Renfro of the Progressive Missionary Baptist Church in Santa Cruz will offer an invocation, and UCSC junior Catina Wilson will deliver the student welcome. LaTasha Folk, also a junior, will join admissions counselor Adrienne Harrell in a vocal duet.

The convocation will be broadcast live at the Performing Arts Second Stage Concert Hall, where overflow seating is available, and at Kresge College Town Hall. A reception at E-100 Performing Arts will follow the event.

Starting at noon on Wednesday, tickets will be available at no cost at the UCSC Ticket Office. Also beginning at that time, tickets may be reserved by phone; those wishing to attend are strongly encouraged to reserve tickets in person as demand is expected to be high. There is a two-ticket-per-person limit. People with disability-related needs are asked to indicate those needs when they request tickets.

Parking is free in the Performing Arts parking lot during the event, but space is limited. If possible, people attending should ride campus shuttles or carpool. Call (408) 459-2159 for more information.

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