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December 16, 1996


Virginia Jansen, professor of art history, is a contributor to the newly released 34-volume The Dictionary of Art (Grove's Dictionaries, 1996). The set, which covers all aspects of visual arts from prehistoric times to the twentieth century, is considered the authoritative reference book on art and includes feminist and non-Western perspectives.

William Ladusaw and Geoffrey K. Pullum, both professors of linguistics, are the authors of the Phonetic Symbol Guide, second edition (University of Chicago Press, 1996). The guide, available in cloth and paper, is a comprehensive directory of symbols used by linguists to record the speech sounds of languages. The first edition of their book appeared in 1986. The latest edition includes 60 new entries for symbols not covered in the earlier work, and documents major changes in phonetic transcription conventions instituted in the past decade by the International Phonetic Association.

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