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December 16, 1996

UCSC hosts new UC vice president in a get-acquainted visit to the campus

Bruce Darling, who became UC's vice president for university and external relations last month, visited UCSC on December 11. Darling is traveling to all the UC campuses in order to become more familiar with each for his new position.

At UCSC, Chancellor Greenwood welcomed Darling to the campus and then facilitated a presentation that highlighted achievements by faculty and described the numerous indications of excellence in teaching and research that characterize UCSC.

Afterwards, Darling met with staff in University Advancement, Public Information and Publications, and Community and Governmental Relations. During the meeting, he echoed many of the themes that Chancellor Greenwood articulated, including the need to expand partnerships.

"We should develop partnerships with professional groups and forge common bonds where we have a common agenda," said Darling.

Later, Darling traveled to Long Marine Lab for a tour with director Gary Griggs. Returning to campus, Darling walked through the new Music Center with arts dean Ed Houghton.

Darling also attended a briefing on UCSC Extension initiatives in Silicon Valley conducted by Extension dean Janice Corriden, learned about the campus's plans for expanding its engineering programs from natural sciences dean Dave Kliger, and met with social sciences dean Martin Chemers about UCSC's outreach to K-12 students.

In the evening, Darling attended a dinner at University House with the chancellor and many of the senior administrators involved in academics and university outreach.

Following the day's visit, Darling called UCSC's assistant chancellor for University Advancement, who organized the day's events. "He extended his thanks for a great visit and reported that he had gained a much greater appreciation for the work of UCSC and its impact on the state," said Daniel G. Aldrich III. "He also said he was invigorated by the quality of all of the people he met and by the work that they and colleagues are doing."

As vice president for university and external relations, Darling is responsible for the acquisition of UC's operating and capital budgets. He also supervises the university's governmental relations programs in Sacramento and Washington, D.C., communications with the news media and the public, and the development of policies related to alumni and fund-raising activities.

Previously, Darling served as vice chancellor for development and university relations at UC San Diego. There, he worked closely with Richard Atkinson, who was chancellor of UCSD before becoming UC president.

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