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November 18, 1996


The Hubble Space Telescope has unveiled more evidence for "walls" of galaxies at great distances from earth. Astronomer David Koo, part of a UCSC team that will use the Keck Telescope for a multiyear survey of 15,000 galaxies, provided perspective on the latest research in the pages of Science. . . . And astronomer Jerry Nelson, designer of the W. M. Keck Telescopes in Hawaii, discussed with a Contra Costa Times reporter the ambitious plans to upgrade the Keck II Telescope with an "adaptive optics" system, which would counteract the blurring effects of earth's atmosphere.

San Francisco Focus chose theater arts' Lawrence Andrews as one of 40 young and gifted area residents to be profiled in its "Second Annual Brain Trust" story. Andrews's videotapes and installations, exhibited in recent years at such places as the Whitney Museum, San Francisco State University, and the Capp Street Project, are described in the story as "stark, fearless explorations of race, class, and history."

Sociologist Monica Casper was quoted in a Santa Cruz County Sentinel story about the grief women experience after having a miscarriage. . . . The Sentinel also tapped Dan Wirls of politics for a story about the initiative process in California and Anthony Pratkanis of psychology for comment on the mudslinging mess made by state senate candidates Bruce McPherson and Rusty Areias.