[Picture of Rosemary Sarka of Second Harvest and Millicent Alvarado and Mellany Manaig of UCSC]

Left to right: Rosemary Sarka of Second Harvest Food Bank is pictured at this year's food drive awards luncheon with Millicent Alvarado of Alpha Kappa Delta Phi and Mellany Manaig of Sigma Omicron Pi Zeta. The two students accepted an "emerald can" award on UCSC's behalf for its contributions to Second Harvest's 1995 food drive. The campus community donated more than 3,000 pounds of food in 1995, up from approximately 1,000 pounds in 1994. Carol Lacey, who is coordinating the food drive on campus, credits the sororities' tireless efforts to collect food last year for the increase. (Photo: Carol Lacey)