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At approximately 8 p.m. on Wednesday, November 6, Chancellor Greenwood joined with student leaders to announce a consensus on addressing student concerns following the passage of Proposition 209. As a result, students have left the Hahn Student Services Building, which will open as usual on Thursday morning.

The following is a copy of the consensus statement that resulted from Wednesday's intensive communications.

Wednesday, November 6, 1996 Statement of Consensus

The following items represent the consensus of understanding reached today among students, faculty, staff and administration. These points represent commitments to work together in partnership for the future in this post-Proposition 209 era.

  1. A sum of $10,000 will be set aside for ongoing annual programs/events dedicated to recruitment and retention. Eligibility for the funding will be determined by the Committee on Ethnic Programming. For the current year, Vice Chancellor Hernandez will determine the source of funds. For future ongoing funding, this proposal will be presented to the Student Fee Advisory Committee.

  2. Assistant Vice Chancellor Heit will convene a series of meetings with students and appropriate/affected unit managers in the Division of Student Affairs to discuss the most effective organization of an Office of Student Retention.

  3. There is agreement to increase the number of students involved in the recruitment of new students in Monterey, Santa Cruz, Santa Clara and San Benito Counties, and to assess an appropriate wage for these student recruiting positions.

  4. The Chair of the Senate Committee on Educational Policy agrees to invite an appropriately designated student representative to the CEP meeting scheduled for Monday, November 18. At this time the student will be welcome to put forward a recommendation for the formation of an ad hoc committee to review the ethnic and gender studies curriculum. If CEP agrees, a proposal will be put forward to the Senate Committee on Committees to form an official ad hoc senate committee to review the ethnic and gender studies curriculum.

  5. Vice Chancellor Hernandez has agreed that as soon as an outreach position can be identified, built into that official position description will be desired qualifications to include expertise in, understanding of, and sensitivity toward issues impacting Native Americans and their eligibility to the University of California. In the interim, the Vice Chancellor has agreed to strengthen existing recruitment programs with this expertise. Furthermore, Associate Vice Chancellor Thompson will initiate early academic and admission outreach collaboration with organizers of the May 1997 Powwow event, so that this event may be more fully developed as a recruitment and retention activity.

  6. Student Affairs will bring together a group of students, faculty and staff to formulate a proposal for the development of an Asian Pacific Islander Resource Center. This proposal will be presented to the Student Fee Advisory Committee by the end of winter quarter 1997.

  7. Chancellor Greenwood has agreed to form within the next ten days the Post-Prop. 209 Commission. This group will comprise representatives of students, faculty, staff and administration. Its purpose will be to develop strategies for ensuring continued and enhanced access and diversity. Toward that end, the Commission will plan a major campuswide forum to be held by early winter quarter 1997.