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November 6, 1996

New program plans partnerships to prepare leaders of the next century

Chancellor Greenwood has announced a five-part initiative that characterizes UCSC's approach to ensuring continued quality and diversity among the campus's student body. The new program, "Partnership to Ensure Access and Quality," has two intertwined objectives: (1) to participate in the improvement of preparation for university eligibility; and (2) the active development of more scholarship funds to ensure access to UCSC for qualified students regardless of their economic backgrounds.

In making the announcement, Chancellor Greenwood stated, "I call upon the entire UCSC community to join me in ensuring the continued open access and academic excellence which characterize UCSC today. In the confusing aftermath surrounding Proposition 209, it is more important than ever that UC Santa Cruz communicates--and demonstrates--that we are accessible to all qualified students, and that we accept responsibility to join with our partners in all segments of education to prepare today's students for tomorrow's challenges."

Specific elements of this initiative include plans to:

Chancellor Greenwood's statement emphasized that these initiatives represent the further development of ongoing efforts. "Drawing qualified students, including women and minorities, to UCSC is not about righting past wrongs. Rather, it is all about developing the talent we will need as a society to thrive in the next century."

--Elizabeth Irwin